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2018 MHI Annual Conference

At the 2018 MHI Executive Summit and Annual Conference, attendees heard from industry visionaries including Gerd Leonard, Ritchie Etwaru, John Sileo, Eric Chester and John Ellis on topics ranging from cybersecurity, blockchain and the workforce crisis. MHI Industry Group meetings and conference sessions gave attendees insights into the latest trends and NextGen technologies impacting our industry.

Networking Events

Attendees enjoyed a variety of networking and social opportunities that took advantage of the great Orlando location. The activities started with a Welcome Dinner and continued with a party on the golf course. The final night of the conference featured an evening of recognition and entertainment including chainsaw juggling fun from The Passing Zone.

Awards and Recognition

During the Wednesday night celebration, the late David Reh was honored with the Norman L. Cahners Award and The Raymond Corporation was presented with the Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc. (MHEFI) Exceptional Contribution Award for its iWarehouse innovation. Additionally, several individuals were recognized for their service and dedication to the industry. Those honored included Dave Lippert, Clark Skeen Pat Sedlak, Bill Schneider Jr., Dan Beilfuss, Bob Hensel, Victor Azzi, James Robertson, Larry Strayhorn and Michael Romano.

In addition to the presented awards, MHEFI also hosted a fundraiser at the 2018 MHI Annual Conference. In order “to attract students to the material handling, logistics and supply chain industry by providing financial support,” MHEFI set a goal to raise $25,000 over the course of the three-day conference. Through generous pledged and online donations from Annual Conference attendees, the goal was met and exceeded.

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