MHI: Bridging the Gap Between Supply Chain Professionals and Their Solution Suppliers

Since the dawn of time, we’ve all known that two halves make a whole. Yin and yang, peanut butter and jelly, Siskel and Ebert. It is all about synergy; igniting new ideas and partaking in unexpected debates that lead to revolutionary breakthroughs. The byproduct? Financial results.

In today’s enterprise market, the two halves are the supply chain professional (or end-user) and solution suppliers engaging in product and services discussions. Many times the end result of that relationship is a handshake, an install and a healthy ROI. For most of the supplier participants, however, after months of internal analysis by the end-user, and vigorous back and forth between the parties, the result is the news that the supplier proposal was not selected. This is a natural consequence of a competitive marketplace.

What would happen if the purchasing relationship was suspended during those supplier and end-user meetings? If the buy-sell tension was left at the door, would the conversation be more productive? Would honest debates, supply chain improvement ideas and total system solutions be fostered as a result of the free and open exchange of ideas, best practices, pain points, etc.?

MHI has taken on the challenge of promoting this environment within the supply chain and material handling industry. Many MHI members are embarking on this journey through the formation of MHI Solutions Groups. In particular, two Solutions Groups are actively seeking your interest for membership—Information Systems Solutions Group and Automation Solutions Group.

By Matthew Smurr, MHI Senior Director, Groups

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