Second MHI Annual Industry Report Examines Supply Chain Innovations and How to Leverage Them

10122475 The 2015 MHI Annual Industry Report

During the March 25 keynote at ProMat 2015, MHI released the 2015 MHI Annual Industry Report: Supply chain innovation—Making the impossible possible. In this second report, MHI again partnered with Deloitte to conduct a survey of the decision makers responsible for one of the most critical components of business success today: the supply chain.

Managers of traditional supply chains should brace themselves for radical change over the next five to 10 years—the result of increasing customer demands, ruthless competition across markets, and multiple technological innovations developing at different rates. We wanted to know: how do companies think these factors will impact their operations, and what investments will help them better manage their global supply chains?

These questions were among the extensive list asked of more than 400 survey participants. The majority of respondents (57%) were executives with titles of CEO, Vice President or General Manager. Participants encompassed manufacturing, distribution and service providers in a broad range of industries ranging from small to large. Half reported annual sales of $100 million or more; 11% reported $10 billion or more. Conversely, small companies were also well represented, with 50% of the input coming from companies with revenues under $100 million per year.

The resulting report contains significant differences from last year’s version. One of the most noticeable transformations is its size: the 2015 edition is longer by 20 pages.

“It’s lengthier this year because the MHI Board of Governors felt very strongly that the report’s content should deliver even more value to the industry,” explains Bryan Carey, President and CEO of MHI member Starrco and chair of the MHI Board of Governors’ Branding Work Group responsible for the report’s development. “Quite simply, we wanted to make it more usable.”

By Jeff Woroniecki, MHI Chief Operating Officer

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