Europeans and the U.S. Roadmap

mapAbout a year ago, a copy of The U.S. Roadmap for Material Handling & Logistics made its way into the hands of supply chain leaders at P&G.

After reading it, they had this to say: “You may think you have a U.S. Roadmap here, but you don’t. What you have is a global Roadmap.”

To tell the truth, it was quite nice to hear from people with a global perspective that this is not a regional document. But that also raised a question. What would/do people outside the U.S. think are the most important core competencies in the Roadmap?

For the first time, we now have some input on that. Nothing statistically significant here. But we do have indications of what is most important to two quite different groups with a European perspective.

By Gary Forger, MHI Managing Director of Professional Development

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