Improving Loading Dock Safety and Productivity

AM Tire (1-14-15) (5)Loading docks are busy areas. There is a constant flow of trucks, pedestrians, lifting devices and a plethora of other equipment. It is important to identify common causes of loading dock mishaps as manufacturers ensure the loading dock area of facilities are more accessible and safer when it comes to the movement of goods.

Jeff Schulze, vice president of national accounts with MHI member Systems Inc., knows firsthand of the importance of the installing the right loading dock. “The right loading dock can help productivity by providing an efficiently positioned bridge between the warehouse and the truck being loaded or unloaded. This starts with a piece of equipment that is easy to operate and able to be interlocked to safety equipment at the dock to provide the safest route between the truck and building. Productivity and energy efficiency can be provided equally when a loading dock is properly applied,” Schulze said.

The 19-year industry veteran has seen his share of new innovations through the years. “Air powered levelers on our McGuire, DLM and Poweramp lines that run completely off of compressed air are growing in popularity. No electricity is needed in the pits, but the unit is still completely powered and push button activated. A majority of companies are getting away from their older, higher maintenance mechanical levelers and replacing those units with powered equipment. Since most of the older buildings with mechanical dock equipment don’t have the electrical infrastructure to support powered dock equipment, we introduced a leveler that only requires compressed air.”

By Stephen Murdoch

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