The Changing Face of the Supply Chain: Under 35 and on the Rise

iStock_000041649848_LargeSix months ago, the U.S. Census Bureau noted that a quarter of our nation’s population is now made up of 83.1 million millennials (born between 1982 and 2000). So, it should be a snap to fill those 1.4 million new supply chain jobs the U.S. Roadmap for Material Handling & Logistics predicts our industry will create by 2018—right?

Well, maybe. If the field can figure out how to educate and inform young professionals about the myriad opportunities supply chain offers.

First, what makes millennials tick? In the past 18 months, Time, Forbes, Fast Company and The Wall Street Journal have described this generation’s penchant for technology, collaboration, new experiences, creative problem-solving, prompt feedback and meaningful work that results in a positive impact.

Know any industries that offer all that? If you said, “supply chain,” you’d be in agreement with the seven millennials MHI Solutions spoke with who currently work in the field.

They range in age from 20 to early- 30s, have a variety of educational backgrounds and degrees and represent seven different industries: aerospace, automotive, healthcare, foodservice, retail, parcel handling and publishing. Despite their diverse profiles, they share a passion for the supply chain and were keen to discuss their experiences in hopes of attracting other young professionals
to the field.

By Carol Miller

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