Love your Supply Chain Career?

shutterstock_63397918_newAlthough well understood within the industry, the general public has—by and large—failed to recognize the significance of supply chain jobs to business and to the overall economy. The story needs to be told that supply chains are led by a diverse group of professionals who utilize innovation, creativity and smart thinking to keep the economy moving. Last quarter, MHI launched the #iWorkInTheSupplyChain awareness campaign to start telling that story. The goal of the campaign is to promote manufacturing and supply chain as an innovative and rewarding career choice—and to change the perception of jobs in the industry.

Through both a social media campaign and an interactive, blogbased website at, the intent is to connect, engage and inspire next-generation workers to pursue careers in our field.

The campaign launched with a video that shares the unique, first-person stories of a variety of manufacturing and supply chain professionals. These industry representatives joined Mike Rowe, star of CNN’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It and CEO of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, to film interviews about how they started in the field and what they enjoy most about their supply chain careers.

The lack of awareness of supply chains is likely because they are such a well integrated and behind-the-scenes part of daily life, says Simone Wakefield, CFO and executive vice president of MHI member NERAK Systems.

“As I say in the video, ‘supply chain is like the secret agent man who makes things happen but nobody knows he was there,’” says Wakefield, who recently joined MHI’s Roundtable Advisory Committee.

By Carol Miller

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