The New Face of the Supply Chain?

Основные RGBMHI launched the #iWorkInTheSupplyChain awareness campaign late last year, aiming to dispel popular preconceptions about careers in manufacturing and supply chain. The initiative set out to tell the world about the broad and diverse range of people who have chosen a career in our field. Because, by its own admission, the industry hasn’t done an especially great job at communicating the amazing and rewarding career opportunities available, says George Prest, CEO of MHI.

“I share these statistics a lot, but more than 11 million people—8.6% of the nation’s workforce—work in the supply chain, whether it’s material handling, distribution, logistics, transportation, procurement or operations,” he says. “Yet, because supply chains work behind the scenes, people typically only hear about them when there’s a disruption.”

To help spread the message that sup-ply chains are populated worldwide by a diverse group of professionals who utilize innovation, creativity and smart thinking to drive operational efficiency, MHI wanted to share their personal stories. And, who better to tell those tales than supply chain professionals themselves? That’s why everyone in the industry was (and still is) invited to post their experiences on the interactive, blog-based website

Tell the world they did—and continue to do so. Since launching, more than 30 stories about why the supply chain is a rewarding occupation have been logged. When it became apparent that some of those stories were so engaging and inspirational, MHI decided to take it a step further, debuting the “Face of the Supply Chain Award” at MODEX 2016.

By Morgan Cruz, MHI Marketing Content Coordinator

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