Big Data and Automating Processes with Suppliers

In these days of rapidly advancing technology, Big Data can be seen one of two ways: as a vehicle for simplification or the speed bump that makes things more complex.

The difference? In terms of the supply chain, the experts say it’s understanding big data’s new business case, using it to automate processes and discover end-to-end supply chain visibility and flexibility, and to expand an organization’s ecosystem well beyond its four walls.

“Data only becomes useful once it’s analyzed,” said Stephen F. DeAngelis, president and CEO, Enterra Solutions. “Traditional analytics are descriptive and comparative in nature and usually live in the form of reports. While valuable, these reports still require interpretation and discussion, which creates business latency in the system.”

Customers today want to use data in fresh new ways. The right information at the right time, after all, enables deep operational intelligence, and in the midst of volatility, powers automation that brings stability, speed and efficiency.

By Fiona Soltes

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