Collaboration with Other Associations Strengthens MHI CTE’s Mission to Train the Workforce of the Future

In addition to creating the four Fundamentals of Warehousing and Distribution textbooks that support educators and enhance curriculum in high schools, community colleges, technical schools, correctional institutions and other training programs, MHI’s Career & Technical Education (CTE) program has a long history of collaborating with other industry associations and organizations to advance professional development and certifications.

Among our most frequent education collaborators over the past few years: The Association for Supply Chain Management (APICS), the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI) and the National Center for Supply Chain Automation (SCA).

The reason for teaming up is simple, explains long-time collaborative partner Laurie Hein Denham, vice president of education at the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA). “All of these associations share similar goals of promoting education and certification for individuals in our industry, to engage students at an earlier age and share the opportunities a career within supply chain can provide.”

Denham’s long-time involvement with MHI’s CTE program precedes her current role at TIA. In her previous roles at APICS and the American Society of Transportation and Logistics (AST&L)—which merged together in 2015—Denham has actively participated in many CTE events over the years as a panelist and presenter. She, along with many of her peers at other associations, has been a featured speaker at ProMat and MODEX’s Student Days, Educators’ Summit events, and MHI’s Annual Spring Meeting and Fall Conference gatherings.

By Angela Jenkins, MHI Director of Career & Technical Education (CTE)

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