Top 8 MHI view Videos of 2019

On a regular basis throughout the year, MHI releases videos as part of its MHI view platform.

MHI view is an innovative video approach to education that illustrates and informs on the latest and emerging trends in the material handling and supply chain industry.  These are the top eight videos of 2019, based on the number of pageviews and excluding videos commissioned by the industry groups and event recaps: 

  1. Aero-Robotics and Cycle Counts – Deeper Dive
  1. Deploying Robots in Small to Medium Facilities
  1. Ergonomics Essentials in the Warehouse
  1. MHI Next-Gen Supply Chain Update: Automation
  1. 4D Printing
  1. Designing Robotics with the Workforce in Mind
  1. MHI Next-Gen Supply Chain Update: Artificial intelligence
  1. Urban Logistics Strategies

If including the event-related videos and industry group videos, then the most-watched videos of 2019 would be days 1-3 at ProMat 2019, followed by Common Misconceptions About ASRS and Common Misconceptions about AGVs. Each of these videos had thousands of pageviews!

Day 1 at ProMat 2019: A Record-Breaking Show

Day 2 at ProMat 2019: Networking with Peers from Across the Industry

Day 3 at ProMat 2019: Exploring the Future of Supply Chain

Common Misconceptions about ASRS

Common Misconceptions about AGVs

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