You Chose! These Are the Top MHI Newswire Articles of 2019

Source: MHI Newswire

2019 was an exciting year in the MHI Newswire realm. Not only was an artificial intelligence (AI) Newswire introduced on Dec. 4—which already has a loyal following and multiple subscription requests each week—the stats and interest levels from the first 11 months of the year were incredible, as well. The Newswire, which is sent to more than 100,000 inboxes each week, had around 400 average clicks per issue and the average unique opens per issue were almost 9,000!

There were specific articles that rose above the rest, however, as far as interest levels go. These are the top 20 most-read Newswire articles, from Jan. 1-Dec. 4, 2019. Be sure to check them out if you missed them! Number 10 was one of my favorites and included some really interesting insight…

Top 20 MHI Newswire Articles in 2019

  1. MHI Video—Student Days at ProMat 2019
  2. Gartner Identifies 5 Actions to Optimize Logistics Costs from Within the Organization
  3. Micro-Fulfillment May Be Coming to a Grocery Store Near You. See How It Works.
  4. MHI Video—Elevate Your Supply Chain Digital Consciousness at the 2019 MHI Annual Conference
  5. Join the National Safety Stand-Down, May 6-10
  6. Robots Versus Humans: Retailers Go to Combat
  7. MHI Video—Digital Business Transformation: Becoming Customer-Centric
  8. MHI Annual Conference Preview
  9. Two Mega-Trends Driving Forklift Safety and Productivity
  10. Teaching the Workforce of the Future About Cool Supply Chain Opportunities
  11. The World’s 2-Billion-Ton Trash Problem Just Got More Alarming
  12. P&G Takes on Water Risk — One Drop at a Time
  13. Retailers Feeling Forced to Offer More Shipping Options, Says New Survey
  14. How Drones Could Transform Biopharmaceutical Supply Chain Innovation
  15. How Small Businesses Can Implement Sustainable Supply Chain Practices
  16. Retailers Still Stocking Up Ahead of Possible Tariffs, But More Slowly
  17. MHI Video—Digital Business Transformation Part 1: People
  18. New Chip Technology Foils Hackers Using Randomization
  19. How to Mitigate the Impact of Product Recalls in Your Supply Chain
  20. More Agile Robots Speed the Takeover of Jobs Once Done Only by Humans

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