Webinar, Sept. 9: Battery Technology for Today’s Supply Chain

MHI will be hosting a webinar by Green Cubes Technology on Thursday, September 9 at 2 p.m. EST entitled, “How to Capitalize on New Power and Battery Technology for Material Handling Equipment.”

The unprecedented use of e-commerce has contributed to a huge growth in the need for efficiency in distribution and warehousing. For example, the distribution of pre-prepared, home delivered meals and other grocery items has increased the need for cold-chain and freezer storage. New lithium battery technology is an integral part of effective scaling and efficient use of new and existing material handling equipment.
In this webcast, you will learn from practical examples about how an integrated power platform, enabled with the Internet of Things (IOT) technology, can increase the efficiency of your equipment and personnel while meeting targets for green initiatives. This technology can be easily integrated into material handling equipment to take advantage of the benefits of lithium batteries and wireless charging, as well as increasing utilization and decreasing maintenance.
Learn best practices from real-world examples:
• Decrease time-consuming battery maintenance protocols (or regimens)
• Increase fleet up-time with wireless opportunity charging
• Decrease electricity consumption and reduce use of consumable equipment parts
• Optimize use of floor space

Speakers will include:
Jeffrey VanZwol 
Chief Marketing Officer, Green Cubes Technology 
Robin Schneider 
Marketing Director, Green Cubes Technology 

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Thursday, September 9 at 2 p.m. EST