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Transparency: The ‘First Pillar’ of Sustainability

By Tom Gresham In today’s corporate landscape, sustainability has fast developed into a necessary point of emphasis. Experts say a key ingredient to pursuing sustainability in a meaningful way is transparency in the supply chain, where much of a company’s environmental impact lies. Gopal Iyer, supply chain delivery lead at procurement consultancy 4C Associates, said he has seen estimates indicating ...

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The Rise of the Collaborative Superteam

Why “Humans + Automation + AI = The New Supply Chain Workforce” is the optimal formula for operational success. By Sara Pearson Specter Multiple surveys have confirmed that—as a result of COVID-19—companies worldwide are accelerating their investments in digital technologies as a means to better anticipate and forestall future disruptions. KPMG’s 2020 CEO Outlook, for example, found that 74% are ...

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6 Steps to a More Resilient Supply Chain

BY MARY LOU JAY The COVID-19 pandemic devastated the supply chains of many sectors, and many companies are still feeling the aftershocks. As they try to get back to normal operations, businesses are pondering what they need to do to build supply chains that are, if not quite invincible, at least more resilient. These six strategies could increase their chance ...

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