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Using DEI to Recruit, Retain and Empower: Four Things to Consider

BY CHRISTIAN DOW, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT OF MEMBERSHIP AND INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP, MHI One of the benefits of a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiative is a company’s ability to leverage that distinction when recruiting, retaining and empowering employees. There’s something very Field of Dreams about that idea. “If you build it, they will come…” (and work for you instead of another employer), right? ...

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Employee Resource Groups Enhance Workplace Inclusion, Belonging Through Connection

DEI Feature BY CHRISTIAN DOW, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT OF MEMBERSHIP AND INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP Connection through commonalities is the linchpin of belonging, which is why companies seeking to foster a more inclusive business culture increasingly support the creation of employee resource groups (ERGs) among their ranks. “An employee resource group (ERG) is a supportive, inclusive network of employees who share knowledge, ...

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