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Workforce Sustainability: Viewing Employees Through a Fresh Lens

Executive Viewpoint BY EDDIE MURPHY, CEO, SPACEGUARD PRODUCTS I hear it often: “When it comes to employee retention, we’re all having the same issues. We’ve all struggled to attract and keep talent.” Many of us have gone through cultural rebranding. We’ve put in the time to define ourselves through sensible and measurable core competencies, and we have leadership that has ...

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On a Mission to Improve People’s Lives

Executive Viewpoint BY BRIAN REH, CEO, GORBEL INC. AND MHI VICE PRESIDENT As the second-generation leader of a business with solid values and entrepreneurial spirit, I know I’ve been blessed. Since 1977, Gorbel Inc. has been known for great culture and great products. But we also abide by a great mission: to build a business that improves people’s lives. About ...

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Core Values: A Powerful Two-Way Contract

Executive Viewpoint BY KEVIN O’NEILL, PRESIDENT AND CEO, STEELE SOLUTIONS INC. AND MHI CHAIRMAN Core values are a big buzzword in business today. They can be very powerful—but not if they’re just a phrase on a plaque or piece of artwork in the conference room. At Steele Solutions, our core values guide what we do every day. They’ve helped us ...

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