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Pandemic Spurs Supply Chain Reset

Digital technologies mitigate risk, allowing organizations to focus on better inventory management, planning for disruptions, future growth and other operational concerns. By Sara Pearson Specter The coronavirus lockdowns revealed shortcomings in many supply chains: cutting off supplies of raw materials and components; impacting labor with social distancing guidelines; increasing online consumer buying habits. As a result, many organizations’ supply chains ...

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Modeling Supply Chain Resiliency

BY MD SARDER, BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY, DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES, and SEYED MOHSEN HOSSEINI, INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI In recent years, supply chains have been more susceptible to a variety of disruption—including natural disaster, technical failure and human errors. Hence, many supply chain enterprises are recognizing the importance of designing reliable and resilient supply chains in ...

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