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New Approaches to Last-Mile Deliveries

Feature BY MARY LOU JAY Over the last few years, the definition of last-mile delivery has been expanded to encompass many different methods of getting goods to customers. These include delivery services dropping off packages at front doors, the white glove unboxing of large items like furniture inside a home, consumer pickups from lockers, curbside or retail store locations and ...

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Why a Rearview Approach to Automation Strategies Doesn’t Work

MHI Solutions Community BY CHRISTIAN DOW, MHI EXECUTIVE VP OF MEMBERSHIP AND INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP If you’re managing a manufacturing plant, warehouse or distribution center, then you’ve likely heard of VUCA. But even if you haven’t, in today’s business climate, you’ve surely experienced it. VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, an acronym that fairly sums up the challenges facing ...

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Aerial Accounting

There is a new aerial option for performing inventory management—a solution that’s gaining traction is autonomous drones.

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