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Managing a Global Supply Chain in the Automotive Industry

Where Are They Now? Catching up with an MHEFI Scholarship Recipient BY SHERYL S. JACKSON BEN BRUNS, SENIOR SUPPLIER, INDUSTRIALIZATION ENGINEER, TESLA As a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Ben Bruns had opportunities to work as a team member in his co-op positions as well as part of the school’s team that was awarded second place in the ...

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Schooling the Next Generation of Industrial Engineers

Where Are They Now? Catching Up with an MHEFI Scholarship Recipient JERIMY LOGAN, SERVICE DELIVERY MANAGER, TMC The journey from a music degree to a career in supply chain management may not sound like a logical pathway, but for Jerimy Logan, it made sense. He received his undergraduate degree in music from Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois, then worked as ...

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