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Rail System Electrification to Reach Net Zero?

Sustainability Solution for Freight Rail Includes a Range of Technologies BY SHERYL S. JACKSON Electrification of rail transportation is one way to reduce greenhouse gases and meet the sustainability goals of regulators, rail industry members, manufacturers and customers. The call for rail electrification is spurred by growing interest in the reduction of emissions and mandates such as regulations passed in ...

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Electrifying Rail Freight

Of about 807,000 MILES of track worldwide, about 233,000 MILES are electrified. The U.S. freight industry is an $80 BILLION INDUSTRY, according to the Federal Railroad Administration. Source: Association of American Railroads. 1% Percentage of U.S. railroad tracks that are currently used for electrified rail. 140,000 Miles of railroad track that are privately owned by railroads in the U.S., the ...

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