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The Debate on Dark Stores

For Grocers and Other Online Retailers, Dark Stores Offer Pros and Cons BY NICK FORTUNA Are dark stores here to stay, or are they just a supply chain experiment spurred on by a singular event and destined to fizzle out? That’s a question grocery chains and other online retailers will grapple with over the next few years as they continue ...

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Challenges Continue for the Retail Industry

Industry Focus The retail supply chain has weathered a major transition jumpstarted by COVID. But what’s next? BY TOM GRESHAM Like many industries, retail experienced a major transition during the COVID-19 pandemic as its customers’ shopping preferences and behaviors underwent radical changes. Now, the industry is weighing what the lessons of the pandemic were—and what should come next. For retailers, ...

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Industry Focus: Retail

Defining and Embracing Unified Commerce * By Sandy Smith * Those who have been in the retail industry for any length of time no doubt remember the transition from single channel to multichannel, so retailers could sell via the internet. Multichannel gave way to omnichannel, which promised a seamless experience no matter how the shopper encountered the retailer. Enter unified ...

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