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MHI NEWS: Q4 2018

  • John Paxton Joins MHI as Chief Operating Officer
  • Alan Primack Named Director of Membership for MHI
  • CSS Group Releases New Video and Introduction to Conveyors Guide
  • Educators Build Curriculum and Connect With Their Peers During the Annual MHI CTE Educators Summit
  • ProGMA Video Highlights Safety Solutions to Falling Objects from Overhead Conveyors
  • ProMat 2017 Honored on TSE Fastest 50 List
  • ICWM Releases New Standard
  • Sedlak Celebrates 60 Years Serving More Than 1,200 Clients

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Leading manufacturing and supply chain executives agree that technology is the key to future success. As they digitize their supply chains they are generating more data than ever before, giving them the power to leverage that data to see their businesses in new ways and to make better decisions. These early adopters are creating real and measurable competitive advantage. When it comes to technology investment start small but think big. Build on your successes and learn from your failures. By investing wisely, you’ll create additional value in your supply chain and widen your advantage over the competition.

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