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Material Handling Education Foundation Announces Award Winners and Fundraiser Success

AS/RS Group Releases New Video

AGVS Group Creates Infographic on AGV Solutions

David Reh, Industry Leader, Entrepreneur and Educational Supporter, Dies at 77

ProMat: The Biggest Manufacturing and Supply Chain Event of 2019 Is Coming to Chicago, April 8-11

MHI Young Professionals Network to Name 2019 Awards at ProMat

ProMat Welcomes Overhead Crane Safety Conference

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There is no silver bullet to building a workforce that can thrive in this new digital environment. It takes leadership, collaboration, innovative talent sourcing, continuous training and improvement. This issue of MHI Solutions focuses on this important topic from the technologies driving changing skill sets to industry-academia collaboration to how to hire, retain and develop the digital supply chain workforce.

Industry Headlines NextGen’s expectations and what motivates them is helpful when bra [...]

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IoT Agenda-Despite sheer scale and worldwide coverage, modern logistics still faces a number of prob [...]

Supply Chain Dive-Auburn University’s RFID Lab is teaming up with 21 partners ranging from overseas [...]

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