PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: CMAA—Substantial Changes to Technical Standards Coming Soon

* By Stephen Murdoch *

The Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA), an independent trade association affiliated with MHI, has had a busy 2019. CMAA, which traces its roots to the Electrical Overhead Crane Institute, has worked tirelessly to promote the standardization of cranes. Today, with over 45 leading American crane manufacturers of electric overhead traveling cranes and components, CMAA continues as the voice of the industry.

Jeff Griesemer, vice president of engineering and general manager of MHI member American Crane & Equipment Corp., knows firsthand of the many benefits of working with a member company. “The expertise of the many members that have contributed to the development, standardization and continuous improvement of the standards is invaluable and provides a consistent set of leading technical guidelines and design standards. Together, our member companies are advocating for the safe and reliable application of overhead traveling crane technology,” he said.

The 32-year industry veteran is appreciative of the role CMAA has played in current specifications and manuals as they relate to overhead material handling technologies. “Documents provide the combined experience of many leading industry experts and offer the end-user confidence when specifying, buying, installing, operating and maintaining the subject equipment. Industry standards provide a high level of safety, longevity and optimized performance in a product that is easily maintainable and designed for many years of reliable service.”

President of MHI member Ace Industries Inc., Josh Arwood, has been an ardent supporter of the industry group since day one. “CMAA is committed to safety, both in the design and use of overhead cranes. Member companies have the requisite engineering and technical expertise to not only deliver a safe, reliable lifting product, but also support that product through its entire life cycle,” he explained.

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