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Inside MHI: Christy Dula and Pat Davison

The people who work at MHI are the gears that keep the association rolling. They ensure MHI continues to be a valuable association and resource for people involved in the industry, and do so with wit, competence and a smile on their face. The goal of this column in MHI Solutions magazine is to give readers a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at MHI and “meet” the people who make it a successful hub for everyone involved in the material handling industry.

For this issue, Christy Dula and Pat Davison give us a peek into what they do, how they do it, what drives them and what makes them happy after a long, productive day at MHI.

Christy Dula
Chief Digital Officer

Why were you attracted to MHI and to this industry as a career choice?

My last project at my previous employer was related to e-commerce. We were re-platforming their current e-commerce solution and building an entirely new e-commerce business for another channel. Throughout that project, I was exposed to the fascinating world of supply chain and logistics. With the e-commerce boom, I knew this industry was a hot one and I wanted in! MHI has a long history (75-year anniversary coming up) and a great culture. Everyone I met during the interview process shared many core values with my own and seemed to truly appreciate what I would bring to the table. I knew MHI would be a great fit for me.

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This issue of MHI Solutions tackles the important topic of digital technologies in the supply chain industry, especially as it relates the transportation and logistics. Transportation plays a central role in supply chains, whether they are local or global enterprises. And just like the overall supply chain, transportation is facing a digital revolution including new solutions for tracking road, rail, sea and air freight and parcel transportation. These digital technologies are disrupting the industry, but they are also providing im-portant new solutions for transportation inefficiencies and urban logistics challenges. They are also creating new digital business models that enhance transparency and sustainability and contribute to end-to-end supply chain visibility. Like the innovations impacting supply chains, these trends are being driven by the growth of e-commerce and the consumers’ never-ending need for better, faster and cheaper. Ignoring them is done at your own peril.

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