Computer Controlled Systems Improving Precision, Accuracy, Speed

Across the country, third-party logistics companies are on the lookout for innovative storage and retrieval systems. Whether it’s for use in a cold storage facility or ambient application, there are a number of solutions offered to meet the handling demands of manufacturers, distribution centers and others along the supply and demand chain. There is even an MHI Industry Group that is dedicated to helping companies find solutions to meet their needs: The Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems Group (ASRS).

Michael Carmody, an ASRS member and business development manager with MHI member AutoStore, knows firsthand the many benefits of automated storage and retrieval systems for better storage automation. “The primary benefits would be better facility utilization coupled with improved operational productivity. The introduction of the right product lines can see efficiency reach as high as 100%, as more volumes make their way through the facility in less time. In effect, automated storage and retrieval systems become the core of the operational supply chain processes across the network, both inbound and outbound,” he explained.

At a glance, the 20-year industry veteran sees a number of benefits of introducing automated storage and retrieval systems into a facility. “You will see faster processing times that translate into labor savings. Additionally, stronger storage density allows space to be put to better use while anchoring day-to-day operations. Our customers have also told us that there has been higher pick accuracy, which means less returns and less touches throughout the process.”

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With a cube-based AS/RS, robots drive on rails along the top of the grid collecting and delivering bins to workstations for order fulfillment and replenishment. AUTOSTORE
This AS/RS solution uses rails along the top of a large cube, collecting bins stored in stacks within the aluminum grid. Bins are delivered to workstations for order fulfillment and replenishment. AUTOSTORE