Protecting Your Greatest Asset

CEO Update

anne m. mulcahyThis famous quote has never been truer, yet while managing unpredictable supply chain disruptions and meeting increasing customer demands, many businesses overlook the importance of the worker experience and having a strategic workplace safety program in place.

At its core, it’s about caring about your people and creating a culture that they want to be a part of—one where you attract the best people, retain them and encourage them to create and innovate for the future.

Taking a strategic approach not only makes for a happier, safer workplace, it also results in operational and cost benefits for the business. Do this, and you will hire the best people, retain them and foster not only a culture of safety, but one of innovation.

That innovation includes emerging supply chain tech like automation, artificial intelligence and augmented reality that enhances the overall worker experience. These technologies also build in process resiliency that allows companies the ability to adjust to fluctuating demand and to overcome labor shortages.

Safety has always been a supply chain priority, but now there are new opportunities to combine technology and workers to support that safety-first priority. This requires technology tools, strong collaboration and clear communications programs across the extended value chain of internal team members, suppliers and contractors.

This issue of MHI Solutions covers a wide variety of workforce topics on safety, living your culture, leadership, collaboration and DEI, as well as, additional topics on process automation, artificial intelligence and zero carbon goals.

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I’ll leave you with one more quote on this vital topic.

The priority of putting the worker first—regardless of the fluctuations of demand or disruptions—will improve their overall satisfaction and experience. It is the key to your future success.

John Paxton
Chief Executive Officer, MHI