Leading New Hires at a Global Company

Catching up with an MHEFI Scholarship Recipient


When Bri Malczewski graduated from Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York, she knew what type of company she wanted to join, even though she did not know what role she wanted in the company.

“My engineering and management degree was a business degree that also allowed me to graduate as a certified engineer in just four years,” said Malczewski. The broad curriculum along with her international studyabroad experience in Germany gave her perspectives and a skillset that was highly sought by employers. “I had multiple job offers, but my experience in school led me to choose Schneider Electric for their cross-functional leadership development program,” she said. “I did not know exactly what I wanted my career path to be, so the three-year program that gave me a chance to try completely different roles in different divisions with elevated responsibility was ideal.”

In her first rotation, Malczewski ran the month-long training session that brings new employees up to speed on equipment and services offered by Schneider Electric, along with developing sales skills to prepare them for the company’s in-bound call center for both residential and small business customers. Because she was part of the leadership development program, Malczewski was involved with day-to-day management of the team, eventually transitioning to team lead for the remainder of her first year.

“The call center experience is a longestablished part of the training for new employees in this part of the business and has always been in-person, but the first training I ran by myself began in April 2020, just after COVID-19 restrictions went into effect,” said Malczewski.

Her manager was promoted off of the team, so before she knew it, Malczewski was transitioning the training program from in-person to remote, helping the call center adjust to remote operation and managing the day-to-day operations of the Rhode Island team while training bicoastal new employees.

Throughout her first year, Malczewski networked with others to understand the different roles in the company. “Metaphorically, I am good at understanding the different puzzle pieces of a project and putting the puzzle together, whether we have a picture on the box to follow or not,” she said. “I chose to join our U.S. Services Organization as a strategic specialist in Dallas, Texas, for my next rotation,” she said. Working within the digital services transformation team, she led the team of subject matter experts to transform a strategic offer by identifying gaps, establishing action plans and executing implementation plans for the offer positioning, training, tools and end-to-end processes.

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