New Resources to Help Build Industry Knowledge

Experience three new opportunities to learn through access to research-driven industry information from WERC.


Key to the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) is our mission to create unparalleled learning experiences, networking opportunities and access to research-driven industry information. To that end, I wanted to make sure you were aware of three new opportunities to increase your knowledge and understanding of the supply chain, warehousing and logistics world as it currently stands.

1. Access concise summaries of key business books to drive your professional and organizational success.

Did you know that professionals who read at least seven business books a year earn over 2.3 times more than those who only read one book per year? By delving into a broad selection of the latest ideas and strategies from the world’s top leaders and business experts, these people are more likely to enhance their careers, their teams’ productivity and their company’s bottom line.

But let’s face it—everybody’s busy, especially those in supply chain, warehousing and logistics. Finding time to read more books simply isn’t a possibility for many in our field.

That’s why WERC and MHI have partnered with The Business Source to offer its members a new benefit: the Business Book Summary Program. This program provides concise summaries of the latest books, allowing participants to learn best practices and hear powerful insights from leading-edge thinkers, industry experts and renowned business leaders.

To maximize members’ time, each summary takes less than 20 minutes to either listen to or read. Two summaries are delivered monthly. Alternately, the same material is covered in a series of video summaries, each lasting 3-5 minutes. The videos are structured to share each book’s key points and strategies in a memorable format shown to help boost retention of the material covered. Previous users report that the summaries have helped them to become a better leader, and enabled them to learn more in less time than any other method.

There are three separate subscription levels available to WERC and MHI members at special pricing, with the core program offered at $39 (70% off the regular price of $130). The special pricing is offered until the end of 2023.

2. Discover how competitive your salaries and wages are in a new survey.

With workforce attraction and retention perpetually at the top of most operations managers’ lists of daily headaches, knowledge is definitely power, which is why you will absolutely want to see the findings in WERC’s 2023 Warehousing & Logistics Industry Salary Survey Report.

Released at the beginning of September, the survey collected salary data from nearly 200 companies who reported data on both exempt and non-exempt employee salaries across more than 20 job titles. These include personnel in vice president, human resources, quality management, marketing, sales, engineering, shipping, receiving, forklift operator, warehouse associate and other key roles throughout an operation.

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