Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems Offer Innovation and Increased Safety



The members of MHI’s Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems industry group, or ASRS, can help warehouses and distribution centers become more efficient, improve safety and better manage their workforces.

To meet the ever-increasing demands of consumers and businesses, warehouses and distribution centers must constantly evolve their operations to accomplish these endeavors, said Mark Hasler, business development manager at MHI member AutoStore.

“This evolution is where MHI ASRS members shine, offering innovative solutions that not only enhance productivity but also ensure the safety of the workforce,” Hasler said.

The industry group is at the forefront of developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies and solutions that revolutionize how goods are stored, retrieved and distributed, he said. ASRS solutions automate the storage and retrieval of items, significantly reducing the time and effort required to locate and transport goods within a warehouse. This leads to faster order fulfillment, reduced labor costs and enhanced overall operational efficiency.

“ASRS solutions also maximize space utilization by stacking goods vertically, minimizing the need for extensive floor space,” Hasler said. “This is especially beneficial in urban areas where real estate is at a premium.”

Moreover, automated systems are less prone to errors compared to manual processes, he said. This results in fewer picking and packing mistakes, leading to higher customer satisfaction and cost savings.

“By automating many tasks that were traditionally performed by workers, ASRS solutions reduce the risk of accidents and injuries,” Hasler said. “This is a crucial aspect of maintaining a safe working environment.”

MHI ASRS members are also staying at the forefront of some of the latest trends and innovations, including robotics integration, AI-powered ASRS solutions, sustainability initiatives and cloud-based management for remote monitoring and control of ASRS systems.

Joining the ASRS group brings a multitude of benefits to the table, said Valentina Cecchi, marketing director at MHI member Modula Inc.

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