MHI Annual Conference 2024: The Collaborative Supply Chain


OCTOBER 13-16, 2024


The 2024 MHI Annual Conference is an interactive thought leadership event for manufacturing, material handling and supply chain professionals that focuses on the technology innovation taking place across the supply chain industry—and the associated workforce challenges highlighted in the 2024 MHI Annual Industry Report.

By attending, you will learn best practices and gain tangible takeaways through four powerful keynotes and six insightful education sessions. There will also be numerous opportunities for connection-building and industry leadership during MHI Industry Group meetings and networking activities.

A variety of topics will be explored by subject matter experts in an interactive conference setting including three education tracks: supply chain excellence, tech forward, and human centered. Discover how technology innovation is the key for your business to overcome future disruptions and build the supply chains of tomorrow.

supply chain excellence

Supply Chain Excellence

Explore how we must drive collaboration and coordinate change across the end-to-end supply chain.

tech forward

Tech Forward

Learn how investments in automation and other digital solutions like IoT, advanced analytics and AI help arm your operations with speed, accuracy and improved visibility.

human centered

Human Centered

Discover how a human centered approach in business is working to accelerate innovation, break down silos and foster breakthrough impact.

The 2024 MHI Annual Industry Report, “The Collaborative Supply Chain – Tech-Driven and Human-Centric.”, the eleventh in a series of annual industry reports published by MHI and Deloitte, provides updates on the innovative technologies that have the most potential to transform supply chains.

Learn more about the themes and topics explored in the 2024 MHI Annual Industry Report and take steps to revolutionize your supply chain operations and increase your bottom line at the 2024 MHI Annual Conference.

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