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I, Co-Bot

They’re collaborative, they’re autonomous, they’re intelligent. Fast-evolving technology in robotics—now often called “co-botics”—is allowing..

June 14, 2018

Is Blockchain the Answer to Supply Chain Security?

Is Blockchain the Answer to Supply Chain Security? * By Mary Lou Jay * Three years ago, when Nick Vyas spoke at the University of Southern California’s..

June 14, 2018

Learning Fast

Artificial Intelligence Poised to Have Big Impact on Supply Chains * By Nick Fortuna * One machine looks like the world’s biggest Roomba vacuum cleaner, and..

June 14, 2018

Innovations in Last Mile Delivery

The Definition of Last Mile Is Changing and So Are the Solutions and Options * By Sandy Smith * If there was any doubt just how important the last mile was..

June 14, 2018

2018 MHI Executive Summit and Annual Conference

Thought Leaders to Turn MHI Annual Industry Report Findings into Actionable Strategies * By Doug Reed, MHI Executive Vice President of Strategic Development *..

June 14, 2018


Security, Customization and Cost-Effectiveness Are Critical in Aerospace Supply Chain * By Sheryl S. Jackson * The global aerospace and defense sector revenues..

June 14, 2018

MODEX 2018 Coverage

MHI released the final numbers for MODEX 2018, which ran from April 9-12 at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center. MODEX 2018, the 4th edition of the expo,..

June 14, 2018

Beyond Analytics

A shift to more widespread use of artificial intelligence and machine learning promises to streamline supply chain operations. By Nick Fortuna— November 11,..

March 23, 2018

People Are at the Center of the Robotics Revolution

Automation not only delivers ROI, it enhances supply chain jobs and increases worker satisfaction. By Fiona Soltes— A variety of factors are converging to..

March 23, 2018

2018 MHI Innovation Award Finalists

After receiving a record 111 submissions for this year’s MHI Innovation Awards, five judges comprised of professionals from the material handling and supply..

March 23, 2018

Emerging technologies such as IIoT, robotics and artificial intelligence provide exciting opportunities for supply chains. They also mean an exponential growth in the amount of data these supply chains generate. When properly utilized, this data can provide crucial information to improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance transparency and customer service. But it comes with risk. The more digitized a supply chain becomes, the more it is at risk of cyberattack. Hackers are constantly finding new ways create data breaches they can exploit. The reality that most supply chains require third-party suppliers down the chain only heightens this threat. No matter the scale of your supply chain, it is essential to have solid cybersecurity processes in place to manage and mitigate the growing risk of cyberattack. That’s what this issue of MHI Solutions is all about, from cybersecurity threats in an IIoT world to dark data to the human factor in cybersecurity to blockchain as a potential solution.

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