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Making Sense of Overhead Hoists’ Classifications

How can companies ensure that an overhead hoist is designed for optimum performance? It starts with determining the right Hoist Duty Service Classification based on the hoist’s ability to operate properly under varying loading conditions and operating cycles, said Bob Burkey, senior engineering advisor at MHI member Columbus Mckinnon Corp. and a member of the Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI). “By ...

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From Straight to Curvy, Monorails Offer Flexibility When Transporting Goods

If manufacturers or other enterprises need to install monorails with curves and switches to move materials and products within their facilities in multiple directions, the member companies of the Monorail Manufacturers Association are the ones to turn to. “Many companies use straight monorails, and they work great when you only need to move products in a straight line from point ...

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