From Straight to Curvy, Monorails Offer Flexibility When Transporting Goods

If manufacturers or other enterprises need to install monorails with curves and switches to move materials and products within their facilities in multiple directions, the member companies of the Monorail Manufacturers Association are the ones to turn to.

“Many companies use straight monorails, and they work great when you only need to move products in a straight line from point A to B,” said Jerry Eischens, national sales manager at MHI member TC/American Crane Co. in Elk River, MN. “When the application requires more flexibility, adding switches and curves to your monorail system can be a cost-effective and safe way to add that flexibility when moving materials in your facility. You can find examples of this at most foundries, industrial laundries and jet engine test facilities.”

The advantage of using solutions provided by an MMA member company is that all components are designed to meet or exceed ANSI standards MH27.1 for patented track and MH27.2 for enclosed track, Eischens said. Member companies all have standard designs for curves and switch components, which are “time tested and proven reliable in demanding applications.”
“Because MMA members offer standard products built to meet or exceed the ANSI standards, it’s much easier to provide a proposal to customers because they use standard off-the-shelf products,” he said. “Moreover, it’s far easier and cost-effective for customers to maintain standard products because component replacements are readily available to keep their system operational.”

Both enclosed track and patented track systems with their consistent flange widths profiles provide additional design flexibility during the initial implementation and for unforeseen future modifications.

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