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Running the Race of Innovation

Executive Viewpoint BY KAREN NORHEIM, CEO, AMERICAN CRANE & EQUIPMENT CORPORATION It can be so tempting to chase after shiny objects. But at American Crane & Equipment Corporation, we know that before we can run, we have to walk. And before we can walk, we need to crawl. Back in 2019, we made the first movement toward integrating the technology ...

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Making the Case to the C-Suite for a New Warehouse Management System

MHI Solutions Community BY CHRISTIAN DOW, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT OF MEMBERSHIP AND INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP, MHI If warehouse workers are constantly bumping into each other while navigating high-traffic aisles, then hiring more manpower likely would add to the chaos instead of boosting throughput. Likewise, moving into a bigger warehouse, a tremendous undertaking with a hefty cost, is no quick fix for businesses ...

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Humans + Machines = Exponential Improvements

Robotics and other types of advanced technology not only can serve to improve the efficiency and productivity of supply chain operations but can “supercharge” the productivity of workers. * By Tom Gresham * When MHI member Vecna Robotics first went to a FedEx facility to introduce its robots there, a worker reacted less than enthusiastically to the arrival of the ...

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