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Advances in Robotics Aim to Ameliorate Persistent Labor Woes

Robots can be equipped with a variety of interchangeable end effectors tailored to handling specific kinds of products, which is making them invaluable on the warehouse floor and in other material handling environments.

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Material Handling Ergonomics in Industry 4.0

Ergonomics—the science that designs environments, equipment, tools and tasks within the capabilities of people to maximize productivity, efficiency and safety—has been an important part of the material handling industry for decades.

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Robotics and Automation in Intralogistics 4.0

The trends in warehousing are based on new technologies, digitalization and IoT and Industry 4.0—with a high degree of automation and robotization. By Tone Lerher The emerging trends in warehousing—and in a variety of industries—are based on the development of new technologies, digitalization, the concept of the Internet of Things and the concept of Industry 4.0 with the high degree ...

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