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Sustainability in a Time of High Interest Rates and Elevated Costs

BY JASON SCHENKER, PRESIDENT OF PRESTIGE ECONOMICS®, CHAIRMAN OF THE FUTURIST INSTITUTE® Sustainability mandates are gaining steam against a backdrop of high interest rates, high labor costs and elevated costs. For many businesses, this push to embrace sustainability may appear like another cost center adding to the cost pile-on that threatens corporate profitability. While that can be true, it does not ...

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Circular Economy: A Deep Dive

By The Numbers NANNA45/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM The 2022 Gartner Circular Economy Survey interviewed 258 respondents from June 1 to July 21, 2022. The survey found that: IFS conducted a survey to better understand the views of manufacturing companies worldwide around sustainability and the circular economy. Respondents of the IFS survey said top drivers of sustainability initiatives are: In April-May 2022, RRD surveyed ...

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A System of Systems to Guide the Development of Sustainable Solutions

A System of Systems to Guide the Development of Sustainable Solutions * By Bill Ferrell, Ph.D., PE, Fluor Professor of Industrial Engineering, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Clemson University * When you saw that this issue of MHI Solutions was focused on sustainability, what thought first crossed your mind? Reducing your carbon footprint? Adopting the right technology to effectively ...

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