Environmental Aspects of Sustainability Are Just Part of the Picture for RMI Members

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Sustainability within the supply chain is a hot topic these days across all industries—and very much on the minds of the members of the MHI Industry Group, Rack Manufacturing Institute Inc. For RMI members, the focus is not only on the environmental aspects of sustainability, but also on the social aspects: How to operate in the most environmentally friendly way and how to treat employees so their work lives are sustainable to both themselves and to the company.

As the world has become increasingly focused on reducing the carbon footprint, the rack manufacturing industry is generally headed in the right direction, said Ryan Bartlett, president and CEO of MHI member United Material Handling Inc. “This is due not only to government requirements, but also because we’re trying to attract and retain new employees, and we’re also wanting to make the world a better place for our kids and grandkids.”

Eric Andres, CFO of MHI member Hannibal Industries Inc., added that the industry is uniquely situated within the value chain to really have an impact on sustainability. “I would love to see the industry take a leadership position to drive sustainability for our collective future.”

eric andres

Eric Andres, Hannibal Industries Inc.

john krummell

John Krummell, Advance Storage Products

ryan bartlett

Ryan Bartlett, United Material Handling Inc.

Net-zero carbon progress

“We can’t really talk about sustainability in our industry without talking about steel, as we’re huge consumers of steel,” Andres said. Hannibal is set to use Econiq, the world’s first line of net-zero carbon steel produced at scale that Nucor Corp. in North Carolina will bring to market in 2022.

“That means we are going to be able to provide the confidence to our customers that they are getting steel that emits less greenhouse gases than other products in the marketplace,” Andres said. “It’s a win-win type of solution that Hannibal can provide. It allows us to improve our environmental footprint and it allows our customers to produce products to help meet their own environmental goals.”

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