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Navigating the First, Middle and Last Mile

CEO Update The efficient movement of goods and products is the lifeblood that fuels supply chain operations. Each stage of this process carries its own set of complexities and challenges. One thing that is true for all stages is that speed, accuracy, efficiency and transparency are paramount. Meeting the challenges of first, middle and last mile logistics is no easy ...

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Collaboration is Key for Supply Chain Sustainability

CEO Update To meet your supply chain sustainability goals, it’s important to look outside of your own walls. That’s because, on average, at least 80% of greenhouse gas emissions are produced in your supply chain. That means they are beyond your direct control and your business is only as sustainable as your weakest supplier. It’s safe to assume that not ...

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New Role Materializing: Communicator-in-Chief

By David Coburn Over the span of a few days last March, COVID-19 created an urgent need for organizations of all kinds to communicate critical information to their employees. Suddenly, the economic and operational challenges presented by the virus had workers fretting about everything from new sanitizing and social distancing protocols for offices, distribution centers and factory floors to the ...

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