A Human-Centered Approach to Technology Adoption Helps Supply Chains Reach New Levels of Resiliency and Efficiency

CEO Update
john paxton

Supply chain technology investment is growing, and it is empowering supply chain workers as they collaborate with these new technologies to create more resilient, transparent and data-driven operations.

Fifty-five percent of supply chain leaders are increasing their supply chain technology and innovation investments according to the survey results from the 2024 MHI Annual Industry Report, “The Collaborative Supply Chain: Tech-Forward and Human-Centric.” According to the report, of those increasing their investments, 88% said they are planning to spend over $1 million and 42% plan to spend over $10 million.

These investments in automation and other digital solutions like IoT, advanced analytics and AI arm supply chain workers with the tools they need to meet operational goals for speed, cost reduction, accuracy, improved visibility and customer service. These supply chains where human workers collaborate with technology can react in real time to changing conditions as they occur.

This issue of MHI Solutions focuses on the adoption of digital supply chain technology from best practices to leading trends and the importance of data-driven decision-making.

Automation and digital supply chain innovation was on full display at MODEX, and the event continues on-demand as a digital resource for supply chain solution sourcing, interaction and education via MODEX Digital Entry at modexshow.com.

Another great way to stay at the forefront of these innovations is to attend the 2024 MHI Annual Conference on October 13-16 in Marco Island, FL. Attending is also a great opportunity to collaborate with MHI and WERC members while exchanging ideas with your peers on the most important issues and trends impacting our industry. See pages 78-83 for more information on this event.

I also encourage you to download the 2024 MHI Annual Industry Report at mhi.org/publications/report, which not only features the 2024 survey results, but also includes case studies on cutting-edge solutions and recommended processes for the implementation of these technologies.

Companies that focus on their human workers first and then implement new tools into their technology stack stand to gain significant competitive advantage from this collaborative partnership.

I hope this issue of MHI Solutions helps provide the information and resources you need to move forward in this journey.

John Paxton
Chief Executive Officer, MHI