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Cyber Risk and Vendor Security Management

Feature BY TOM GRESHAM ISTOCK.COM/2D ILLUSTRATIONS AND PHOTOS The digital supply chain has brought new efficiencies and strengthened connectivity among partners. For companies to remain competitive today, engaging in the digital supply chain simply cannot be avoided. However, the digital supply chain also has brought an array of fresh challenges, including a heightened risk for cyberattacks. A major part of ...

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Building Smarter, More Secure Supply Chains

Digital supply chains have been the central theme over the last nine MHI Annual Industry Reports. To thrive, companies are investing in the digital technologies and embracing innovation to make their supply chains faster, more efficient, more transparent, and more sustainable.

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Confront Barriers to Innovation to Keep Pace with Innovation

Confront Barriers to Innovation to Keep Pace with Innovation Manufacturing and supply chain operations continue to invest heavily in innovation, but even the most successful companies are still struggling to understand how and when to adopt them. * By Tom Gresham * Interest in next-generation supply chain innovations has never been higher. However, barriers to innovation are keeping some organizations ...

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