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Scope 3 and Achieving Net Zero

Feature Becoming a Sustainable Business Requires a Sustainable Supply Chain     BY CAROL MILLER, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER, MHI   With looming Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations as well as the recent spate of wildfires, torrential downpours, excessive heat and other extreme weather events, the need for climate action and sustainability reporting has reached a new level of urgency. ...

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The Scope 3 Challenge

Feature The climate impact from your company’s direct operations is likely a fraction of the greenhouse gas emissions produced throughout your corporate value chain, including those generated by suppliers of the goods and services you buy and by customers who use the products you sell. That’s why measuring and mitigating so-called Scope 3 emissions is rapidly emerging as an urgent ...

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Building Out Your Net-Zero Team

Just like safety, productivity and other key business imperatives, reaching your net-zero emissions goals won’t happen without a dedicated team pulling together, and the best way to deploy your human capital will look different depending on the nature and size of your organization. Feature BY DAVID H. COBURN When Michelle Tarry joined American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) in 2013, her work ...

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