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Making Sense of Overhead Hoists’ Classifications

How can companies ensure that an overhead hoist is designed for optimum performance? It starts with determining the right Hoist Duty Service Classification based on the hoist’s ability to operate properly under varying loading conditions and operating cycles, said Bob Burkey, senior engineering advisor at MHI member Columbus Mckinnon Corp. and a member of the Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI). “By ...

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Connecting at the Loading Dock

CREDIT: BLUE GIANT EQUIPMENT CORP. MHI’s Loading Dock Equipment Manufacturers (LODEM) Industry Group helps protect workers from potential hazards that could cause severe injuries and even deaths. Loading dock safety took “a completely different turn” in 1980 with the advent of the vehicle restraint industry and, now, all of the major manufactures in the LODEM group offer vehicle restraints, said ...

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The Robotics Group: Fostering Human/Robot Interaction

Want to improve the working relationship between robots and humans? Ask The Robotics Group (TRG). This MHI industry group provides leadership in robotics by inspiring user confidence and fostering adoption of robotic solutions to drive efficiency in supply chain applications.

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