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Making the Case to the C-Suite for a New Warehouse Management System

MHI Solutions Community BY CHRISTIAN DOW, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT OF MEMBERSHIP AND INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP, MHI If warehouse workers are constantly bumping into each other while navigating high-traffic aisles, then hiring more manpower likely would add to the chaos instead of boosting throughput. Likewise, moving into a bigger warehouse, a tremendous undertaking with a hefty cost, is no quick fix for businesses ...

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Successful Warehouse Automation a Matter of Due Diligence and Investigation

MHI Solutions Community BY CHRISTIAN DOW, MHI EXECUTIVE VP OF MEMBERSHIP AND INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP With the current state of the labor market—and the ever-increasing need for efficiency in operations—questions about making warehouse automation successful abound. Plenty of folks are feeling pressured, yet are still on the fence about what to do, how to do it and even when. As Matt ...

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Choosing the Right Casters Can Prevent Workplace Injuries

Product Spotlight: ICWM BY NICK FORTUNA When choosing casters for material handling equipment, manufacturers sometimes are surprised to learn that there are thousands of different options, and many factors go into selecting the right one, including ergonomics. Narrowing down those options can seem overwhelming, but the Institute of Casters and Wheels Manufacturers, an MHI Industry Group, helps companies pair the ...

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