PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Working to Improve Worker Safety and Productivity

By Stephen Murdoch

Since 1933, the Monorail Manufacturers Association (MMA) has been promoting the advantages and safe use of patented and enclosed track underhung crane and monorail systems. The independent incorporated trade association, affiliated with MHI, has actively supported the development and certification of safety standards.

Product sales manager for MHI member Gorbel, Christopher Adams, feels it’s imperative a buyer ensures a supplier conforms to the MMA specification MH 27.1 “Patented track systems are used in some of the most severe and demanding environments. This specification ensures the products will meet and exceed the needs of those industries and the customers will get the longevity of service they require,” he explained.

Introducing patented track systems have proven to reduce the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the system. “Patented track systems allow for the greatest flexibility in facility layout and product flow by combining monorail and bridge cranes into a single system. They also offer the greatest longevity as they utilize specialized hardened rails to bear the load.”

Lee Bailey, manager of manufacturing integration and engineering for MHI member Schmalz, agreed that is important that workstation crane systems conform to MMA specifications, pointing out the importance of MH27.2, as well. Buyers should double-check this before making a purchase, he said. “A customer wants to receive a product that has been properly designed and manufactured for their application. They also want to know that a set standard is in place for design practices and performance testing.”

Manager of distribution development for MHI member Demag Cranes, Thomas Chapman, agreed, and said that both buyers and engineers should ensure the workstation crane or monorail conforms to MMA specification MH27.2. “Doing so will ensure the components are engineered to high standards agreed upon by a group of the industry’s top companies and reviewed by a professional engineer. It’s an important step in ensuring you purchase a safe and reliable crane or monorail installation,” he said.

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