10 Game Changers for the Next Decade for Supply Chains

The events of the past several months have made it very clear how difficult it can be to predict what supply chains will look like in one year, let alone 10 years from now. Despite the unknowns, however, there are some technologies and trends that will be shaping the supply chain as we move through the next decade. Here are 10 examples.

A diverse, differently-skilled workforce

“If you look at the workforce now compared to what it was 10 years ago, there’s been a significant change. What’s hard for people to understand is what the new jobs are going to be 10 years from now,” said George Prest, CEO of MHI. “But I do know the skill sets that are going to be needed. Critical thinking will be a strong point, and people are going to have to be more adaptable and intellectually curious, because jobs are going to change at a much faster pace.”

The education system will have to change to provide the type of workers that supply chain companies need, he said. “But it will also be incumbent upon the corporate world to be nimble. If you want to retain people, it’s going to be necessary to continually provide them with opportunities to grow.”

The workplace of 2030 will be more digital and innovative to ensure that a five-generation workforce will be able to work together effectively, said Thomas Boykin, supply chain and network operations, Deloitte Consulting. Younger generations expect technology and innovation to be as advanced in their workplace as it is in their homes. Older workers may require technology with intuitive interfaces so they can be productive and effective. Robotics will work side-by-side with these workers to help them do more significant work by eliminating repetitive and physically challenging tasks.

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