MHI MEMBERS: 75 Years of Visionary Innovations

For 75 years, MHI has served the interests of material handling and supply chain firms by providing a forum for connections, educational and knowledge resources, industry leadership and market access via our premier exhibitions showcasing member innovations—all while raising awareness of the critical role the industry plays in our daily lives.

From the its roots in the country’s mobilization during World War II, to meeting the needs of global populations as humanity copes with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, MHI is even more relevant today than it was three-quarters of a century ago. That’s why so many companies have joined the association, with many maintaining their memberships for decades. In fact, nearly two dozen companies have been MHI members for at least 50 years, a testament to the organization’s ability to provide value to members, and to their customers, as it adapts and grows its offerings in lockstep with the changing needs of the industry.

Here, we profile five companies who have held MHI memberships almost since day one, as well as share the thoughts of several other long-standing member companies about the association’s continued importance, both today and over the next 75 years.

MHI’s longest-tenured member, The Raymond Corp., cites educational materials, industry partnerships as top benefits

The honor of holding an MHI membership for the longest period of time goes to The Raymond Corporation, which joined the association on January 1, 1946. Throughout its 98-year history, the company has dedicated itself to ensuring the future of the material handling industry remains strong, donating both time and resources, says Michael Field, president and CEO.

“Not only did our founder, George Raymond Sr., demonstrate this core belief when he patented the double-faced wooden pallet and the hydraulic hand pallet truck, but he also openly allowed others to adopt and use these products by donating the wooden pallet patent back to the industry,” he notes. “MHI has demonstrated these same values as an organization by allowing material handling professionals to share ideas and collaborate on products to help propel the industry forward.”

Raymond has continued its MHI membership for a variety of reasons, Field continues, including the resources the association offers. “In order for Raymond to help its customers run better and manage smarter, it is our responsibility to stay up to date and inform our customers of the latest trends in the industry. The educational materials and programs offered by MHI have been invaluable resources in helping our employees make smart, informed recommendations to clients as well as inspire our engineers to continue to develop innovations that address challenges facing the industry,” he says.

Additionally, Field cites MHI’s unique ability to bring industry professionals together at networking events and tradeshows, regardless of their employer, as being tremendously beneficial. At such events, he says, material handling manufacturers have the chance not only to meet, but also to share ideas and collaborate on new solutions to solve industry challenges. He cites Raymond’s partnership with Seegrid to develop a state-of-the-art vision guided technology used in Raymond’s Courier automated guided vehicles as an example.

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