ASRS Helps Companies Achieve Sustainability Goals

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The key to understanding sustainability in any industry is understanding the direct relationship between efficiency and the environment—improvements in one also mean improvements in the other.

As enterprises with material handling needs strive to become more productive and efficient, they turn to members of MHI’s Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) Industry Group for tools and systems to help them reach their goals.

That bodes well for the bottom line but also for the planet, because anytime a business ups its efficiency and its footprint gets smaller, less pressure is placed on the most important system of all—the planet’s ecosystem.

And that’s ultimately why ASRS members choose to work together, gathering as a cohesive team of competitors to build industry standards and market intelligence for the betterment of all.

Collaboration is key

As the leading independent authority on automated storage and retrieval solutions and technologies, ASRS acts under the MHI umbrella to improve standards and codes, disseminate industry statistics and performance benchmarks, and communicate the benefits of member solutions to all public and private stakeholders. Although ASRS members are certainly competitors, the work they do together helps them all become more effective in the marketplace and in sustainability.

“Never before have I been involved with an organization that gives you the opportunity to collaborate so closely with competitors as MHI does,” said David Phillips, marketing manager at MHI member Hänel Storage Systems.

“When we come into a meeting, we really do put our branded hats at the door,” agreed Sharon Wahrmund, director of marketing at MHI member SSI Schaefer.

An important benefit of the industry group’s team approach is that better market awareness of the advantages of automated storage and retrieval solutions creates more and better opportunities for all members.

“The work we do opens the market for everyone,” said Valentina Cecchi, marketing director at MHI member Modula. “And there’s enough market for everyone to be happy.”

Douglas Card, manager of system and integrator sales at MHI member Kardex Remstar, added that with more opportunity comes more responsibility on the part of all ASRS members to innovate with efficiency and sustainability in mind.

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