Top 31 MHI Newswire Stories in 2021

While MHI Newswire is created with the help of artificial intelligence and each newsletter has slightly different articles based on your viewing history, there are still some articles that stand out as far as how much interest they’ve accrued. These are the top 31, most-read articles (and advertisements) in the 2021 MHI Newswire newsletter, based on your clicks:

1              MHI view: Improving Customer Experience with AR

2              Advertisement: Lithium-Ion Power Solution

3              Global Trade: Embracing a New Normal: Why We Should Never Go Back to a Pre-COVID Supply Chain

4              Global Trade: 7 Supply Chain Optimizations to Protect You in 2022

5              Advertisement: Lithium-Ion Power Solution

6     Growing Greater Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Supply Chains

7              Advertisement: Overcome Labor Challenges With Automated Guided Vehicles

8              Advertisement: Sponsored MHI view: Nexus BB Demo

9              Advertisement: Maximize Low-Level Order Picking Efficiency

10  Digital Supply Chains Are Now Table Stakes

11  Data Analytics Support Manufacturing Capacity Analysis

12  Women: Succeeding in Supply Chain

13  Supply Chain Complexities Increase Risk of Cyberattack

14           Advertisement: Increase Efficiency with Automated Guided Vehicles

15  Need Agility? On-Demand Warehousing Might Help

16           MHI cast: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Supply Chains

17  Pandemic Spurs Supply Chain Reset

18  Pharma Supply Chain Is Driving Innovation with Trace-and-Track Demands

19           Advertisement: Optimize Vaccine Distribution from Product to Patient

20           Advertisement: Sponsored MHI view: Engineered Wood Flooring vs. Concrete for Mezzanines

21  The Sky Is the Limit When It Comes to Innovation in the Supply Chain

22  Supply Chain Mapping Importance Emerges During Pandemic

23  Teleoperations Enabling Remote Options for Warehouse Workers

24  The Workplace of the Future

25           MHI view: Refining the Training Process with VR

26  Q4 2021 Issue of MHI Solutions Addresses the Connected Worker

27  Cutting Edge Innovations Compete for Annual Honor

28  Social Distancing Decisions Impacting Robotics Choices

29  Automation Is Key to Addressing Labor Issues—Both Old and New

30           ALAN: American Logistics Aid Network Issues Message About Hurricane Ida

31  Quantum Computing: The Future’s Coin Toss?