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Economic Outlook Hinges on Inflation

BY JASON SCHENKER, PRESIDENT OF PRESTIGE ECONOMICS AND CHAIRMAN OF THE FUTURIST INSTITUTE® Everything hinges on inflation The Fed has a dual mandate to keep the economy at full employment and prices low and stable. While jobs were strong in 2022, inflation has been worryingly high. At the end of 2022, unemployment returned to an impressive pre-COVID low of 3.5%, while ...

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Economic, Inflation and Material Handling Outlook for 2023

Economic Market Analysis BY JASON SCHENKER PRESIDENT, PRESTIGE ECONOMICS, CHAIRMAN, FUTURIST INSTITUTE® A year of shifting forces The year ahead is one of significant risk but also opportunity. While backlogs of unfilled orders have been a hindrance to revenue since mid-2020, those same backlogs could help keep manufacturing and material handling activity somewhat buffered from the persistent rise in interest ...

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ECONOMIC MARKET ANALYSIS: Cautious Optimism with a Touch of Volatility

Cautious Optimism with a Touch of Volatility Likely for the Second Half of 2020 By Jason Schenker The economic and financial outlook for 2020 has consistently been one of volatility. And so far, we have not been disappointed. Geopolitical surprises, domestic political antagonisms, trade dynamics, oil price volatility, and other financial market surprises have already been pushing and pulling on ...

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